Z1261C Eva Thin Film

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Product Name: Solar Eva Film
Type: Z1261C Thin Film
Specifications: the thin film made by applies to crystalline silicon, thin-film & flexible thin film solar panels encapsulation, which is a kind of thin film, with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate copolymer as the main raw material, adding variety of modified additives through sufficient mixing, heating and extrusion.

Item code Specification of thickness(mm) Specification of width (mm) Grammage (g/sqm) Length/roll (m) Package means (mm)
Min order quantity (sqm)
Z1261C 0.25 900-1000 170-200 250 1010*290*300 3,000
Z1261C 0.20 900-1000 170-200 250 1010*290*300 3,000

Product Packaging :

1. Each roll is packed with PE film and vacuum packing process, after that put one roll in one carbon box. (Under 500mm width will be packed with 2-3 rolls in one box)
2. The inner package materials are polyethylene bag or protect paper, and the external packages are carton boxes and pallets, and each pallet can be put on 16 to 24 rolls.

3. Production storage: Being stored in a dry and shade place with temperature 0℃~30℃, and humidity ≤ 60%, sunlight direct radiation should be avoided. The product must be not placed nearby heating equipment and the place with dust.
4. Product usage: Before using, check the package intact and untouched. The product should be quickly used once you open it. The other unused part re-sealed by original packaging or similar packaging. The product is guaranteed for 6 months from the production date in the unopened state, you are suggested to use up within 3 months.



Item Test method Unit Fast cure type
Z1261A Z1261 / Z1261P Z1261C
Density ISO1183 g/cm³ 0.95 0.95 0.95
content TGA 26-33 26-33 28-33
Softening point DSC 55 55 55
Surface hardness GB/T531-1999 Shore A 65 65 62
Tensile strenghth (after crosslinking) ISO527-3 MPa 20 20 20
Elongation (after crosslinking) % 600 600 600
Strenghth of Extension MPa 6 6 6
UV cutoff wavelength UV-vis Nm -- 360 360
Optical transmission GB2410-80 % 91.5 91 91
Refractive index ISO489 -- 1.480 1.482 1.482
(0.45MM; 120℃,3min) Thermal shrinkage Q/ZX001-2012 MD% ≤3.0 ≤3.0 ≤10.0
TD% ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤3.0
(140℃,17min) Cross-linking rate Q/ZX001-2012 Gel % ≥75.0
Peeling strength With Glass Q/ZX001-2012 N/cm >60
With TPT N/cm >40
(90℃,90%RH, 1500hrs) Damp Heat resistance Yellowness index Q/ZX001-2012 △YI <3
Peeling strenghth with glass N/cm >40
(1500hrs) UV Exposure resistance Yellowness index Q/ZX001-2012 △YI <3
Peeling strenghth with glass N/cm >40
Volume resistance GB/T 1410 Ω·cm ≥1*1015
Dielectric strength GB/T1408.1 Kv/mm >28
PID resistance test (85℃,85%RH,-1000V,96H) IEC61730-2:2004 IEC61215:2005 Power loss % <5%
Operating parameters Items Extra fast cure, High transmission, PID free
Z1261 / Z1261A /Z1261P/Z1261C
Laminating curing parameters  Heating panel (℃) 135±2 140±2    
Pump down time (min) 5±1 5±1    
Holding time(min) 15±2 12±1    

Note: Laminating process conditions shall be selected and confirmed according to the performance of laminating machine.