Flexible Solar Panel Charger (CIGS Cells)

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No SAMPLE Model            Power output voltage output current Folding Size Expand Size Net Weight
1   5SC1-2 5W 15V 330mA 245*205*20mm 245*546mm 230g
2   2SC1-6 6W 18V 330mA 215*120*30mm 760*215mm 300g
3   6SC1-2 6W 18V 330mA 287*205*20mm 287*546mm 300g
4   5SC1-4 10W 15V 660mA 245*205*30mm 245*917mm 400g
5   6SC1-4 12W 18V 660mA 125*210*38mm 287*917mm 450g
6   6SC1-8 24W 18V 1320mA 287*205*35mm 587*955mm 950g
7   1SC6-10 30W 15V 2000mA 405*150*35mm 779*885mm 1500g
8   2SC6-12 36W 18V 2000mA 405*150*33mm 779*1030mm 1650g
9   2SC6-10 60W 15V 4000mA 405*280*30mm 779*1520mm 2300g
10   2SC6-18-1 108W 18V 6000mA 390*275*90mm 1163*1836mm 4900g
11   1SC-9 27W 13.5V 2000mA / 1170*395mm 1000g
12   2SC6-10A 63W 15V 4200mA 405*280*35mm 779*1520mm 2500g
13   2SC6-12A 75W 18V 4200mA 405*280*35mm 779*1815mm 2500g

Sample Color Accessories Charging object
  black/red/blue/purple/beige/2camouflage or customized 1.Battery clamps; 2.12V-24V Car charger plug; 3.DC barrel plug; Water proof Y-connector with converters cables can charge IHPONE,IPAD,Mobile phone,MP3,MP4 and all kinds of small digital products,portable power; To charge low-power test equipments,Radio,Communication equipments,walk-talkies,Etc.
Solar Panel Charger Information:
Laminated with Aluminium + ETFE + Silicon cell + EVA + Tedlar
Solar cells: Monocrystalline / CIGS cells

ZXSOLAR photovoltaic cell utilizes unique triple-junction technology: blue, green and red lights of the solar spectrum are absorbed in different layers of the cell, yielding unprecedented performance. This light spectrum splitting capability is the key to higher efficiency, especially at lower insolation levels and in diffused light environment. You can enjoy the sunbathing with it on your swimming pool or the beach without worrying about your device wet.

Two New High Efficiency Solar Panel Chargers (off grid power):

Solar Panel Charger Made by Monocrystalline cells Made by CIGS cells
Technology Semi flexible
Laminated structure Aluminium + ETFE + Mono Silicon cell + EVA/POE + Tedlar Aluminium + ETFE + CIGS Silicon cell + EVA/POE + Tedlar
Silicon cell technology Absorbing visible light spectrum (red) light waves Multilayer solar-chip technology: absorb sunlight in the red, blue, green spectrum
Charging object Water proof Y-connector or USB standard Charging outputs (up to 10000mA max 18V DC) Water proof Y-connector or USB standard Charging outputs (up to 4200mA max 18V DC)
Design Text-book sized, slim folded but heavier Text-book sized, slim folded and light weight
Other features waterproof and weather-resistant durability waterproof and weather-resistant durability
ZXSOLAR use only premium battery cells, together with superior materials and cutting-edge technology, to ensure complete safety.

ANY Sun Exposure: Energy saving & Collect your sunshine throughout the year. No matter brightness in strong or weak, in sunny or cloudy.

All two kind of panel charger uses a more expensive material (imported from Japan) called ETFE (Ethylene Tetra fluoro ethylene) versus PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). The ETFE film layer absorbs light better with less reflection leading to more power per square inch. The ETFE material bonded with the aluminium back sheet makes a stronger panel than a cheaper PET film one with less chance of cracking or water intrusion.

Highly stain-resistant and easily gets cleaned by the rain.

Highly resistant to seawater corrosion, waterproof and highly resistant to the harsh operating conditions of a marine environment.